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CLINIC PLUS SUCTION 2x4 l jar 230V with footswitch, flow regulator

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• Autoclavable Jars: 2×4 l
• Footswitch: YES
• Flow direction diverter (Allows to direct suctioned liquids to any of the 2 jars): YES

Designed for professional aspiration of bodily fluids, tissues or bones of patients during or after surgery.
Oiless and maintenance free piston type pumps provide high performances. Excellent suction capacities and max vacuum built up within a few seconds.
Available with vacuum gauge and autoclavable jars made in makrolon with 200 ml (2 l jar) or 500 ml (4 or 5 l jars) graduation and 2-3 litres Flovac jars with disposable liners.

Wide range of versions with different features
– 60 l/m (Clinic Plus) or 90 l/m (Hospi Plus) flow rate
– 2, 4 or 5 l jars
– MPR system for versatility
– footswitch and flow direction diverter


High standards of safety in overflow protection system
Double security valve integrated in the jar and hydrophobic filter (all models), safety trap bottle (only MPR models).MPR (Multi Purpose Rail) models
This system enhances the versatility for easy and quick exchange of different accessories, with no need for tools.Equipped with five connections for rings of various diameters to fit jars of different sizes and types (2l, 3l, 5l), cannula holders and safety trap bottle.Main applications: EMERGENCY DEPT. / GYNAECOLOGY / OPERATING THEATRE / GENERAL SURGERY / NEUROSURGERY / DENTAL PRACTICE / OBSTETRICSSize: 460 x 850 x 420 mm
Weight: 20 kg
Made in Italy.

Technical Specifications

  • Operating voltage: 230 V – 50/60 Hz
  • Maximum suction: – 0,90 bar (675 mmHg)
  • Operating cycle: continuous
  • Flow: 60 l/min
  • Power: 230 VA
  • Noise level: 51.7 dBA
  • Norms: CEI 62-5 (IEC 601-1); 93/42 EEC

Standard accessories

  • 121°C autoclavable jar with overflow valve system: 2×4 l
  • Rings to accommodate 5 l jars: NO
  • Safety Trap Bottle (220 ml): NO
  • Antibacterial & Hydrophobic Filter (single-patient): 1
  • Autoclavable silicone tubes ø 8×14 mm length 150 cm: 1
  • Conical Connector ø 10-11-12mm: 1
  • Air suction inlet: 1
  • Footswitch with intermittent or continuous operation: 1
  • Change-Over System from jar to jar by soft-touch keys: 1
  • Power Cord with Schuko plug: 1
  • Multilingual manual: GB, FR, IT, ES ,DE, GR, PL, RO


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