MRK medical complete equipment package




  • Suction unit A speed 3A Professional/portable (Flovac bag suction lining included) one of the quitest machines on the market.
  • Loupes with battery pack provided, Lightest weight magnifying eyewear glasses only 67g, anti-fog properties
  • Patient tubing x1 ( 6 foot length)
  • MRK medical Zoellner suction pens (box off 100)
  • Bionix spray bottle (includes 20x disposal tips, 1x wash basin, 1x bottle)
  • Earol olive oil ( x2)
  • MRK medical speculum (pack off 150) 6mm
  • MRK medical speculum (pack off 150) 5mm
  • MRK medical speculum (pack off 150) 4mm
  • Jobson Horne rounded tip  (pack of 100)
  • Jobson Horne oval tip  (pack of 100)
  • Crocodile forceps 3mm  (x2)
  • Fine ends (pack of 50)


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